Aqueous Cleaner Recyclability Testing Program

EcoShield Environmental Systems Inc. has announced that its new aqueous cleaner regeneration test lab facility in Houston is operational. (Read the Press Release.)  EcoShield is now accepting applications from cleaning engineers who wish to have samples of their used aqueous cleaners processed, tested and evaluated for their recyclability potential. Samples accepted for submission will also become part of an ongoing development effort to create a revolutionary steady-state aqueous cleaning system.  

Those wishing to have their spent aqueous cleaner tested for recyclability may submit a request. The first step to becoming a candidate for testing is to submit a brief aqueous cleaner profile data sheet. The profile form can be printed from the EcoShield web site (click SampleProfile at left), may be downloaded in Adobe Portable Document format for offline printing (click here), or may be completed and submitted on-line (click SampleForm at left). After a proposed sample has been Pre-qualified, each sample sponsor will be contacted for any additional information, notified of the next available testing schedule, and given shipping , packaging and sample collection method instructions.

Contact Information

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P.O. Box 1476, Houston Texas, 77251
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General Information, sales and support:

Corporate inquiries should be directed to Randolph Marsh, President, at, or toll free at 877-326-7443 or faxed to 877-326-9090.  Technical inquiries may be directed to Mr. Mike McGinness at