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EcoPro Process Control Systems          

Major benefits

A true innovation

EcoPro MicroProcessor Process Control Systems are synergistic combinations of sensors, controllers and software that create a new frontier in cleaning process control. EcoPro MicroProcessor Process Control (EMPC) Systems can be used to control chemical makeup feeds to aqueous cleaners, metal phosphates, phosphate sealers, plating baths and for rinse water quality control.  EcoShield process control engineers can supply you with a variety of combinations of sensors and controllers to meet your exact process control requirements. When combined with EcoShield's ACRS technology to regenerate used cleaners, the EcoPro process control packages allow you to control the cleaner and rinse regeneration process as well as the chemical make up feeds for metal phosphate and plating solution baths.  The combination of the two technologies reduces wastewater generated, reduces make-up soap and chemical  requirements, improves product quality, quality control and increases operational uptime and product throughput.

An alliance between environment and business

EcoPro Process Control Systems can simplify environmental compliance by reducing your wastewater volume. Average cleaning cycle times and cleaning quality become more stable. Natural resources are conserved by minimizing excessive usage of water, chemicals and energy.

Dollars and sense

With an EcoPro Process Control System you will be able to minimize waste water volume. Less waste water means a smaller treatment system. Smaller treatment systems minimize the operating cost and  capital expense of waste water treatment. You will also benefit from lower energy usage in the cleaning process and waste water treatment system. The EcoClean ACR System will also allow cleaning operations to run at lower temperatures, and reduce average cleaning cycle times, thereby conserving energy and reducing related expenses.

Technical Data

Process Description

EcoPro Process Control MicroControler Systems are a synergistic combination of sensors, controllers and software that create a new frontier in cleaning process control. Several control parameters can be continuously monitored including pH, Conductivity, Turbidity, Dynamic Surface Tension, Temperature, Tank Liquid Level, and Concentration of Specific Chemical Compounds or families of compounds such as oil and grease.

Size, configuration options, and accessories

Please call or email us with your specific process control needs or problems for a quotation. Also please check back soon as we will be posting details shortly on several new standard off the shelf process control units we are introducing this year.


Go With Experience

EcoShield engineers have decades of experience in cleaning process chemistry, wastewater treatment, pollution prevention technology implementation and practices. So clean up by adding EcoShield's experience to your armory. Then you can be as dirty as you need to be, as long as you have the shield – EcoShield.

na01607_.wmf (22926 bytes)EcoShield Announces Aqueous Cleaner Recyclability Testing Program

EcoShield is accepting samples for  its Aqueous Cleaner Regeneration Testing Facility in Houston (see Press Release), and has begun accepting samples.   To have your used aqueous cleaner sample considered for testing of its recyclability potential free of charge, just submit a form for prequalification screening.   Questions?  E-mail Mike McGinness or call toll free 877-ECOSHIELD.

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