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EcoShield's new line of Aqueous Cleaning Regeneration Systems are truly innovative, converting oil, grease, and other organic contaminants in degreasing solutions into soap, right in the cleaning process.   This reduces waste production and prevents pollution at the source, extends cleaner bath life, conserves water and often generates a better cleaner than what you started with originally.

EcoShield is also introducing a line of novel process control technologies for aqueous and semi-aqueous cleaning processes. These new process control systems represent a quantum leap in cleaning process control for industry.

By using highly sensitive, low cost sensors that can measure various cleaning, phosphating, plating and rinse process parameters it is now possible to lower operating process temperatures and chemical concentrations of baths that are normally operated at higher values due to the batch process control nature of most current cleaning methods. Lower operating temperatures and concentrations result in significant energy savings and reduce our consumption of limited natural resources. Visit our process control page for more details on these systems and what they can do for your cleaning process.

When combined with EcoShield's Companion Bio-Reactors and Industrial Pretreatment Bio-Reactors the only remaining byproduct is recyclable Bio-Mass.

To learn more about these products and how they ease compliance with State and Federal Source Reduction and Waste Minimization Plan Requirements, please view our Current Product pages.

EcoShield's ACRS-SPW Series of Recycling Systems were Nominated for Clean Tech Magazine's Innovative Product of the Year in February of 2001

Inventor Mike McGinness presented a technical session paper on May 22nd entitled: "Achieving P4 Goals Using Ozone Reaction Chemistry and Dynamic Surface Tension Measurement in a New Process Control Scheme to Form Steady State Cleaning Processes."

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EcoShield Announces Aqueous Cleaner Recyclability Testing Program

EcoShield is accepting samples for  its Aqueous Cleaner Regeneration Testing Facility in Houston (see Press Release), and has begun accepting samples.   To have your used aqueous cleaner sample considered for testing of its recyclability potential free of charge, just submit a form for prequalification screening. Questions?  E-mail Mike McGinness or call toll free 877-ECOSHIELD.

At EcoShield Environmental Systems, we are the Prevention People.   Our innovative, energy efficient systems for pollution prevention and control for the surface coating and industrial cleaning industries are in production.  If you would like to be a beta-tester of closed loop cleaner regeneration systems with process control, or our new non-incineration VOC control technology for air pollution control, which is designed to reduce VOC and HAPs emissions by converting volatile compounds into surface active agents that are then reused in the scrubber process, please contact us for a complimentary evaluation.  OEM inquiries welcome.

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